Workplace Wellbeing Professional is a magazine website brought to you by the team at Black and White Trading Ltd.  

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“Our vision is to establish WorkWellPro as the premier platform for workplace wellbeing in the UK, empowering organisations and their employees with essential resources, insights, and support to foster a thriving, healthy, and engaged workforce. We aim to cultivate a community where professionals, businesses, and advertisers can collaboratively enhance the culture of wellbeing across all sectors.”

The Workplace Wellbeing Professional site was launched in in September 2022.

This site features news and analysis on a broad range of employee wellbeing topics, focused on a UK based audience.  The site covers:

  • Wellbeing
  • Health & Safety
  • Physical Protection, Protective Clothing
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Technology & Wearables
  • COVID / Disease / Genomics
  • Remote / Home Working
  • Financial Wellbeing
  • Mental and Behavioural Health
  • Stress & Resilience
  • Healthy Worksites, Spaces, Environments
  • Community, Spirituality
  • Reward, Engagement, Benefits, Motivation, Recognition, Involvement
  • Counselling, EAPs & Support
  • Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol
  • Back Pain, Posture, RSI etc
  • Medical Services – Eye Care, Doctors, Dentists
  • Absence & Attendance Management
  • Work / Life Balance & Job Security
  • Employee Rights & Legal Protections, Tribunals, Trials & Legislation


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