A recent study has found that a high percentage of Marketers have an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) diagnosis. 

The survey, conducted by Go Amplify, found that 38% of respondents who work in marketing reported having ADHD, compared to the national average of 3%-4% of the general population.*

While Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can present challenges for some individuals, the study also found that those with ADHD possess unique traits that can be advantageous in the marketing industry. People with ADHD often have a creative and innovative mindset, are skilled at multitasking, and thrive in fast-paced environments, including ones with tight deadlines.

These traits can be highly valuable in marketing, where creativity and adaptability are essential. Amy Elliott, head of copy at Lightbulb Media, explains why Marketing may attract those with ADHD:

The dopamine hits. Flexibility, creativity, adaptability, fast-paced nature etc. The industry is filled with neurodivergence, it helps you relate and understand one another.

Amy Elliott, head of copy, Lightbulb Media

The study also found that a whopping 77% of those in the marketing industry display four or more ADHD symptoms, demonstrating the link between similar qualities from neuro-typical colleagues or highlighting those without a formal diagnosis. Saffron Sumner, PR & marketing freelancer, was asked whether the marketing industry attracts those with ADHD and why. She explained:

100%. I don’t think those with ADHD (or symptom heavy) purposefully choose marketing. I believe the nature of the industry, the characteristics and qualities of individuals it requires and the creative chaos attract them.

Saffron Sumner, PR & marketing freelancer

The study highlights the importance of recognising the positive attributes of ADHD and addressing the stigma surrounding the disorder. It is crucial for organisations to create a supportive work environment for individuals with ADHD and other neurodiverse conditions.

Joshua Daniels, founder and MD of Go Amplify, explained

As a marketing agency owner, I have come to realise that ADHD can be a unique strength within the marketing industry when properly harnessed. By embracing the various facets of ADHD, such as hyperfocus, creativity, and adaptability, marketers can leverage these qualities to generate innovative strategies, quickly respond to changing trends, and remain passionately engaged in their work. Understanding and supporting team members with ADHD can not only lead to a more inclusive work environment but also contributes significantly to the overall success of the company.

Joshua Daniels, founder and MD of Go Amplify

Although an official diagnosis can only be obtained from a healthcare professional, the process can often be challenging and time-consuming. Consequently, many individuals opt to conduct their own research and discover natural techniques to safely manage their symptoms. However, if you are uncertain, seeking guidance from a healthcare professional or a specialised organisation for support is advisable.