New data taken from amongst 4,300 UK employees, indicates that a staggering one in three employees rates their sleep quality as poor, while less than one in five (19%) consider their sleep to be of good or excellent quality.

The findings collected from Champion Health reveal a concerning drop from 2023, highlighting a deterioration in employee sleep quality. This decline has far-reaching consequences, as sleep-related issues are emerging as a major impediment to workplace productivity and overall wellbeing.

The report, which draws on millions of data points, takes a comprehensive look into the nation’s mental and physical health.

Tiredness emerges as a critical factor impacting productivity, with a staggering 61% of professionals citing it as the main obstacle, surpassing high stress, which stands at 32%. Consequently, a concerning 70% of the workforce rates their productivity as average or worse.

Champion Health’s Workplace Health Report 2024 also sheds light on a dip in energy levels, with 48% of respondents reporting feeling fatigued.

Interestingly, the most energetic time of the day is recorded at 10.18 am, while the least energetic is reported at 3.28 pm.

The survey also unveils sleep-related challenges faced by employees, with nearly one in two (47%) reporting waking up regularly at night and over a third (35%) facing difficulty in getting to sleep.

Commenting on the findings, Harry Bliss, CEO of Champion Health, expressed concern:

Poor sleep quality is not only affecting individual health but is also a detriment to overall workplace productivity and energy levels. As leaders, it is crucial that we address the root causes of sleep-related issues and implement strategies that foster a healthier and more balanced work environment, leading to improved sleep quality. Investing in employee wellbeing is an investment in the success and sustainability of our organisations.

Harry Bliss, CEO of Champion Health

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