In the latest episode of the Mind, Body, Work podcast, host Joanne Swann explores the critical topic of creating inclusive workplaces for disabled employees.

Joanne is joined by Angela Matthews, Director of Policy and Research at the Business Disability Forum, and Chris Jay, Founder and Managing Director of Bascule Disability Training. Together, they discuss effective inclusive practices, examine disability policies, debunk common misconceptions, and offer insights on fostering supportive and accessible work environments for disabled employees.

Guest 1 Angela Matthews – Director of Policy and Research at Business Disability Forum

Angela leads Business Disability Forum’s policy and research team and specialises in UK work, health, and disability policy. She is an adviser and research partner on several academic research projects related to health, disability inclusion, and inclusive employment. Angela regularly contributes to HR and disability ‘lifestyle’ publications. She has appeared on BBC Radio 4, speaking on topics including women’s work and care ethics, and the disability employment gap. Angela has given evidence at various Parliamentary Select Committee inquiries. Angela often brings her own experiences of work, health, personal and social care, and disability benefits to her speaking activities.

Guest 2 Chris Jay – Founder and Managing Director of Bascule Disability Training

Chris Jay is the Founder and Managing Director of the disability awareness training provider, Bascule Disability Training. Born with cerebral palsy, Chris has been a wheelchair user for over 25 years and has used his life experience of disability to provide user-led, awareness training packages and consultation services. As a speaker, author and disability inclusion advocate, Chris’ career has been built around his passion to develop accessibility and inclusivity for people with disabilities.

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