Personalisation plays a key role in engagement with workout plans and activity levels finds a report from Trainiac by Gympass.

A health and wellbeing programme is an expected element within a corporate benefits package. Yet Gympass data suggests engagement with such programmes is impacted by both the level of personalisation and the support offered to employees.

Increasing employee’s engagement with a corporate wellbeing programme is beneficial to both the employer and employee. An employee who engages with resources to improve their overall wellbeing is more productive and present in the workplace.  According to the research employees who regularly use their wellbeing benefits are 30 per cent less likely to leave their job, resulting in reduced disruption from employee turnover.

The data comes as Gympass announces the launch of Trainiac by Gympass in the UK, a new feature that connects users to a specialised personal trainer to support and guide them on their wellbeing journey.

Trainiac by Gympass pairs members with a certified coach to build a bespoke fitness programme and tailored weekly workouts that users can implement either at home, outdoors, or at their chosen gym, all delivered through the app. The trainer monitors the user’s progress through connected health metric tracking, and provides ongoing coaching, guidance and feedback directly to the user via video, text and voice messaging.

So far, pairing customers with highly qualified professionals has promoted a significant increase in activity levels; showing an average increase of 22% in check-in engagement 90 days after activating Trainiac by Gympass.

Gympass found that employees who were previously inactive, reported an average of 36 workouts in the following 90 days once they activated Trainiac, with 93 per cent remaining active with the support of their trainer. This clearly demonstrates that those struggling to engage with wellbeing and find a routine that works for them, benefit greatly from personalisation that will enable them to build health habits for the long-term.

“The data shows that employees are much more likely to engage in a wellbeing offering that offers them support and can be personalised to their own goals.  We believe that our new UK offering with Trainiac by Gympass will give all employees, no matter their previous relationship with fitness, an easy way to build a wellbeing routine that is suited to them. The additional support offered by the Trainiac by Gympass coaches provides those who may have previously found it difficult to stay committed to fitness, a simple way to identify their next steps.”

Rodrigo Silveira, Senior Vice President New Ventures at Gympass

Trainiac was initially acquired by Gympass in December 2021, and is already used by Gympass clients in Brazil and the US. Trainiac by Gympass is now available to all Gympass clients in the UK, at no additional cost, initially in the iOS version of the app, starting from the Gold plan. The Android release is scheduled for later this year. To learn more about Gympass, visit