As Valentines Day approaches, many individuals, especially those who are single, might find themselves surrounded by colleagues discussing plans with their partners. This can intensify feelings of loneliness or sadness for those either without a partner, or those with relationships that are in a bad place.

If you are struggling this February, take a look at some of our expert advice for overcoming these emotions and embracing self-contentment this season.

Firstly, it’s important to acknowledge your feelings. Pretending to be fine when you’re not can lead to suppressed emotions and adverse health effects. Being honest with yourself and your friends about feeling down or lonely is a healthier approach. True friends, and a supportive workplace environment, will understand and offer empathy and a safe space to express yourself.

Ever heard of ‘pal-entines’!? Another really effective strategy for overcoming loneliness on Valentines Day is to connect with friends. Not everyone is immersed in romantic celebrations, and many might welcome the opportunity to spend time with single colleagues or friends. Organising a group activity or simply reaching out for a chat can be a great way to alleviate loneliness.

Consider attending singles’ events. With a significant portion of adults identifying as single, there are likely numerous events catering to those without a partner on Valentine’s Day. These gatherings can be an excellent opportunity to meet new people and enjoy a sense of community.

Engaging in your favourite activities can also be a fulfilling way to spend the day. Whether it’s visiting a unique museum, trying a new hobby, or improving existing skills, Valentine’s Day can be a chance for personal growth and self-discovery.

It’s also crucial to resist the urge to make rash decisions, like a spontaneous hookup, which might have long-lasting negative consequences on your mental health. Remember, there is no need to jump into a new relationship just because its Valentines Day! The right person is always worth waiting for, and being single is preferable to being in an unsatisfactory relationship.

Reflecting on the reasons for being single can provide perspective. Whether you haven’t found the right match yet or are in the early stages of a potential relationship, every romantic journey is unique. Keep in mind that many relationships on social media are not as perfect as they appear.

Lastly, remember that Valentine’s Day is just another day. It’s an artificial construct and will pass like any other day. Focusing on the bigger picture and long-term goals can help shift the perspective from what’s lacking to what’s ahead.


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