The Dry January campaign is a yearly challenge to refrain from all alcohol for the entire month.

This famous health campaign is widely attempted by nations all over the globe and is a great way to introduce a detox following Christmas. The campaign started in 2013 with 4,000 people, however since then, has grown to around 130,000 participants taking part in 2021.

The campaign is considered very beneficial towards adult health as alcohol can contribute towards anxiety, low mood and depression. Many individuals use Dry January as an opportunity to encourage others to look at lifestyle issues that may be affecting their wellbeing.

Furthermore, cutting out alcohol not only helps from a financial perspective, but can also help people achieve weight loss goals too.

On the Alcohol Change UK website, individuals can read about the Dry January campaign including some real life stories. You can also sign up for training, fundraising or support if needed.

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Workplace Wellbeing Professional and Alcohol

Workplace Wellbeing Professional acknowledges the problematic nature of alcohol, which has the potential to adversely affect both home and work life. Therefore, it is crucial to address this issue, paying attention to employees’ alcohol consumption and being vigilant for potential warning signs of underlying problems.

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