World Kindness Day is an international observance celebrated on November 13th each year. The primary purpose of World Kindness Day is to promote and encourage acts of kindness, compassion, and goodwill among people, both on an individual and societal level. It serves as a reminder that small acts of kindness can have a significant positive impact on individuals, communities, and the world as a whole.

The origin of World Kindness Day dates back to 1998 when it was introduced by the World Kindness Movement (WKM), a coalition of kindness organisations and groups from various countries. The WKM was established in 1997 and has the mission of inspiring and promoting kindness and goodwill worldwide.

Tips for promoting World Kindness Day in your organisation

1. Promote Kindness Within the Workplace:

*Encourage employees to perform random acts of kindness within the organisation. This can include simple gestures like offering help, expressing gratitude, or evening make your team a cup of tea!

*Highlight and reward acts of kindness within the workplace with certificates, shoutouts, or small prizes.

2. Organise Kindness Initiatives:

*Host workshops or seminars on the importance of kindness and empathy in the workplace, alongside how to recognise signs of workplace bullying and how to combat it.

*Start a “Pay It Forward” campaign where employees can perform kind acts and then encourage others to do the same.

3. Create Kindness Challenges:

*Develop challenges or activities that employees can participate in to spread kindness. This could include challenges like complimenting a colleague, sharing positive messages, or performing acts of charity.

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