Workplace Wellbeing Professional is excited to announce the release of its first episode of the Mind, Body, Work Podcast, titled “Creating a Culture of Wellbeing: Nurturing Employee Health and Happiness.”

Hosted by Joanne Swann, editor of Workplace Wellbeing Professional, this episode delves into the evolving landscape of workplace wellbeing, providing invaluable insights for leaders looking to enhance the health and happiness of their workforce.

In this first episode, Joanne Swann is joined by two experts in the field of workplace wellbeing:

Guest 1: Katie De Bertrand

Katie De Bertrand, Training Manager at Oxfordshire Mind, is a renowned figure in the realm of mental health and wellbeing. With over a decade of experience at Oxfordshire Mind, Katie has spearheaded the creation and delivery of workplace wellbeing programs. She also serves as a Mental Health First Aid instructor and an integrative therapist with frontline experience. Katie’s expertise combines therapeutic knowledge with practical acumen, making her a go-to resource for crafting best-practice workplace well-being strategies.

Guest 2: Jon Davies

Jon Davies, a behavioural science expert, brings a unique perspective to the conversation. Jon’s profound understanding of human behaviour has contributed to the success of numerous startups. He is currently at the forefront of developing ground-breaking software solutions, including Leafyard, a platform leveraging behavioural science to empower individuals worldwide to take control of their mental health. Jon’s insights are vital for leaders seeking innovative ways to impact employee wellbeing positively.

In this episode, our experts discuss the transformation of workplace wellbeing, emphasising the importance of creating safe and supportive environments for employees. They provide practical guidance on successfully implementing wellbeing strategies within organisations, drawing from their extensive experience and knowledge.

As workplaces evolve, prioritising the health and happiness of employees has never been more critical. “Creating a Culture of Wellbeing” is a must-listen for leaders, HR professionals, and anyone interested in fostering a positive work environment.

The Mind, Body, Work Podcast is available today. For more information and to listen to the podcast, please visit

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