In aid of National Stress Awareness Day, Workplace Wellbeing Professional has released the latest episode of the Mind, Body, Work Podcast titled “Spotlight on Mental Health: Addressing Stress in the Workplace”.

Hosted by Joanne Swann, editor of Workplace Wellbeing Professional, this episode sheds light on the critical issue of workplace stress and discusses strategies and insights that can pave the way for a healthier, happier work environment.

Joanne is joined by two experts in the field of workplace wellbeing:

Guest 1: Neil Laybourn – NL Consultancy

Neil Laybourn is the founder of a mental health and wellbeing consultancy. His passion for mental health stems from a personal experience where he intervened in a suicide attempt on London’s Waterloo Bridge in 2008. Over the years, Neil has become a prominent mental health advocate in the UK and received an Honorary Doctorate from Bristol University. In 2017, he launched an award-winning mental health conference called This Can Happen, which now has a global presence. In 2018, Neil co-founded the national charity Beyond, which provides vital mental health interventions for young people in the UK. In 2023, he launched a consultancy aiming to help workplaces offer quality wellbeing programs.

Guest 2: Simon Blake – MHFA England

Simon Blake joined MHFA England® as Chief Executive in October 2018. He is responsible for setting the organisation’s strategic vision to improve the mental health of the nation, through its mission to train one in ten of the adult population in mental health knowledge, awareness and skills. He has also been instrumental in leading MHFA England’s commitment to become a truly anti-racist social enterprise. Simon is a thought leader for mental health, workplace wellbeing, equality and inclusion. He writes for the MHFA England blog, contributes to media articles as well as speaking and facilitating mental health and wellbeing events.

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National Stress Awareness Day

On National Stress Awareness Day, the “Spotlight on Mental Health: Addressing Stress in the Workplace” podcast episode serves as a reminder of the critical need for leaders to acknowledge and address workplace stress. Joanne Swann and the expert guests, Neil Laybourne and Simon Blake, provide strategies and information for leaders to create a healthier working environment that benefits everyone.

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