Employee Appreciation Day is swiftly approaching on March 1st, marking a special occasion to celebrate and acknowledge your employees for their dedication and hard work.

Yet, the question arises: what is the most effective method to demonstrate your appreciation? As a startup employer operating within a tight budget, how can you meaningfully express gratitude? And how can you honour an introverted employee, ensuring the recognition feels sincere without causing discomfort?

Joanne Swann, editor of Workplace Wellbeing Professional, is joined by two experts in the field of workplace wellbeing to answer all of these questions and much more.

Guest 1: Dr Alexandra Dobra-Kiel, Innovation and Strategy Director at Behave

Dr. Alexandra Dobra-Kiel is an Innovation & Strategy Director at Behave, specialising in combining corporate strategy and behavioural science. Alexandra holds an award-winning PhD from Warwick and a master’s from Cambridge. Her expertise focuses on emotions and ethical decision-making. She recently developed Behave’s Reveal-EX, targeting psychological safety in the workplace. Alexandra has contributed to discussions on workplace wellbeing in The Independent, Vice, and WorkLife.

Guest 2: Amrit Sandhar, CEO of &Evolve

Armit Sandhar is the founder of &Evolve. Amrit has worked with several well-known brands across the UK, to improve employee engagement, experience and organisational productivity. With a particular passion for neuroscience and psychology to drive behavioural change, combined with his experience in employee engagement, he uses a data-driven approach to identify the issues organisations are struggling with, and to work with them to create solutions leading to drive sustainable change.


To listen to the latest episode of The Mind, Body, Work Podcast, follow the link here: https://workplacewellbeing.pro/mind-body-work-podcast/the-appreciation-equation-why-valuing-employees-is-key/ 

Employee Appreciation Day

Mark your calendars! Employee Appreciation Day offers employers and organisations a golden opportunity to recognise and celebrate the hard work, dedication, and achievements of their employees. The concept is simple yet powerful: a little appreciation goes a long way in boosting morale, enhancing engagement, and fostering a positive work culture. To find out more about this campaign, click here.

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