Looking after our health & wealth this year has never been more important. Why do I say that? Well, we are having the worst winter in years for hospitalisation-worthy cases of flu, plus increasing numbers of both covid and bronchitis. Strep A is something that is on the rise not to mention a global increase in autoimmune-related diseases, cancers and dementia.

I should mention at this point that Health is wealth. This article is about becoming healthier and wealthier in all areas of life. Health, finances, relationships, career, mental well-being and time. To be truly successful we want ALL – not just some of them.

How to create health and wealth in 2023

There is never a magic solution or a quick fix. Just as there is never only one cause of illness, stress, poor time management, lack of confidence, weight issues, alcohol dependence, or not earning what you are worth. Lifestyle choices, thoughts, beliefs, environment, culture, personality, epigenetics, and human design all play a part.

The good news is everything is related. You cannot separate your body and mind so that when you make small changes in one area there is a satisfying and surprisingly positive outcome in other areas too.

To thrive then, you need to take care of your gut, which means looking at your food and daily lifestyle choices. But what does it really mean and what does it feel like to ‘THRIVE?’

I have my own acronym for THRIVE that I use in my Book ‘Thrive NOT Strive’. Totally Holistic Realignment Improving Vitality Every day – which simply means ensuring that you focus on mind, body and soul with the intention to re-set, rebalance and recharge daily and live every day with vitality and joy. To do that we need to look at these areas:-

T houghts & Beliefs
H abits & Hydration
R outines & Planning
I mplementation & Intuition
V alues & Boundaries
E nergy & Exercise

It also means loving the process of growing and changing and not just staying focused on the end results.

So what does that look like in daily life & how long will it take?

Less is more. Practically means prioritising the stuff that makes the most impact rather than being busy with lots of time-consuming activities that barely make a difference (but create stress and a feeling of lack, rush and insecurity!)

Don’t create ‘to-do lists’ – set daily intentions instead. A ‘to-do list’ is a sure-fire way of creating overwhelm and overthinking, which takes away precious focus on the task at hand. Set 3-6 things MAX that you intend to do in a day and within those 6 things include movement and time to check in with your own needs.

Getting quality sleep is crucial. Aim to go to bed and get up at whatever time works to ensure you get 7-9hrs sleep as often as possible. (No one can do this all the time but follow the 80-20 rule.) It doesn’t have to be the same times every single day, but if you can create that as a routine it certainly helps with planning your day.

Movement of any kind for any length of time is better than doing nothing because you believe you must exercise for an hour for it to count! (You don’t. That’s a myth from the fitness industry.) Movement changes our vibration, it allows us a chance to reconnect to our body and elevate our mood and energy, rather than living in our heads the whole day. It also STOPS overthinking and procrastination in its tracks!

It could be a walk, yoga, pilates, weight training, a run, bike ride or playing a sport. I feel I need to shout this (but I won’t) I’ll whisper it instead…Your body is designed to move and it needs to move regularly. Frequency is more important than time spent. We are not meant to sit or stand in one place for hours at a time. Without going deep into the science of why it’s vital we move it’s important to understand that lack of movement will affect hormones, thyroid function, gut function and your immune system, among other things.

Sleep, hydration, breathing properly and movement are all equal number one in terms of survival, but we are not talking just surviving, we are talking THRIVING. So, we need to add great-quality nutrients and a few other ingredients to the THRIVE recipe too:


Who you hang out with daily and where are of equal importance when it comes to how well you function both as a businesswoman/man and a human being. Spaces and places all have energy. If you are working in a physical space that is not aligned to you, you will struggle to focus and be your best self. The people you are around will also affect how you feel and function.

NB: Exposure to toxic people is as damaging as exposure to toxicants!


Be disciplined daily. By that I mean be disciplined with the hours you are working – decide what time you will switch off and stick to it. (Your brain needs you to do what you say you will do and so does your mind.)

Allow enough time in your day to eat, get fresh air outdoors and move regularly. Work to your strengths, for example, if you know you are more creative in the morning, schedule meetings for afternoons etc.

Being disciplined in your thoughts and beliefs is vital too. Letting your ‘inner critic’ run the show or hanging to beliefs that no longer serve you and are not true WILL STOP YOU from becoming the person you want to be, living a life you love.


In 2023, it is important that you are aware of how you function as a whole person and who you need to become to ensure you continue to grow and thrive and boost your health and wealth. Who you are now got you to where you are now, but they are now in the past. If you want to thrive you need to become the future you. This means getting clear on your commitments and desires, your outcomes or aims and then working backwards from there by answering the following questions: –

Who did you need to become to achieve that?
What did you need to do?
Who did you talk to?
Who did you get help and advice from?
What did you eliminate from your daily habits?
What did you introduce and embrace?

Finally, show up every day, putting your health and commitments to yourself first. Make time to dream, play, laugh, and take weekends off and days away. Feeling joy and being happy raises your energy and vibration, meaning you are going to attract to you that which you desire. Instead of struggling and striving, embrace the joy of the process of creating more health and wealth and thriving.

Vicky Midwood
Vicky Midwood
Health, nutrition and lifestyle coach at Vicky Midwood | Website

Vicky Midwood is an integrative health, nutrition, and lifestyle coach and has been in the fitness and wellness world for over 30 years. She is the creator of the BLAST method to create great health, reduce anxiety and eliminate the compulsion to self-sabotage with food, alcohol, or both. Vicky focuses on the emotional and mental side of issues with food and alcohol alongside the neurophysiology, biochemistry, and the gut-brain connection that is affected by food and drink.