Commercial and industrial cleaning company, Prime Facility Services, has made significant strides in improving its workforce and business culture after working in partnership with Midlands-based HR consultancy, Clover HR.  

A leading facilities management company based in Birmingham, Prime Facility Services offers cleaning services throughout the UK and works with over 500+ businesses across all market sectors.

In recognising negative behaviour amongst senior-level staff in the workplace, Prime Facility Services initially appointed Clover HR in 2018 to overcome these challenges and implement a positive company culture, designed to increase staff retention and aid business growth.

Initially taking swift action to address toxic behaviours, Michael Doolin, Director of Clover HR, then introduced a comprehensive management programme to instil a sense of accountability across all levels of staff, while rebuilding trust and company culture among employees through consistent team and management meetings, social activities, and a dedicated rewards system.

To ensure continued adherence to the zero-tolerance policy towards bad behaviour, management training was also implemented to promote consistency and compliance.

Under Clover HR’s guidance, Prime Facility Services now uses a monthly rewards and recognition programme called ‘Pride of Prime’ which has received great feedback from the team, with the company receiving an average of 20 nominations each month. In turn, employees feel recognised and valued, leading to a significant increase in employee engagement.

As a result, the company now boasts an impressive staff retention rate of 96% and customer satisfaction rate of 98% and has successfully increased revenue by 18.7% over the last 12 months alone.

Corina Dennis, Managing Director at Prime Facility Services commented:

Since working with Clover HR, we have been able to deal with HR situations more effectively and safely. We have absolute confidence in the advice we are given. It allows us to deal with issues, knowing we have mitigated as much risk as possible, which keeps the business, our staff, and our customers safe. 

Corina Dennis, Managing Director at Prime Facility Services 

Michael Doolin, Founder and Managing Director of Clover HR added:

Working with Prime Facility Services over the past 5 years, we have developed an effective business and valued relationship that ultimately has led to improvements in business performance, confidence, and resilience. I am proud of the strides taken and of being a catalyst to Change.  It is reflective of how well a true Partnership can work.

Michael Doolin, Founder and Managing Director of Clover