The landscape of healthcare in the United Kingdom has been continually evolving, with significant implications for dental care access. Recent statistics indicate that a substantial portion of the population remains without any form of dental care, leaving them vulnerable to oral health issues.

Phil Denman, CEO of Capacity Insights and leading insurance expert is urging employers to take proactive steps in supporting the health and well-being of their teams, highlighting dental insurance as a critical employee benefit.

In the UK, dental care access remains a concern, with a significant portion of the population still unable to register with a dentist where they live. Data from March 2023 states that 1 in 5 respondents were not registered with a dentist. Of those, 37% said this was because they couldn’t find one where they live. This concerning situation poses several challenges for both employees and employers. Employees without dental insurance often delay seeking dental care, leading to increased risk of oral health issues. The cost of dental treatment can be substantial, and without coverage, it places a financial burden on individuals and their families.

Employers have a vested interest in the oral health of their workforce. The consequences of inadequate dental care extend beyond the individual. Untreated dental problems can lead to prolonged sick leave, affecting productivity and requiring employees to take additional time off for dental issues. Furthermore, employees facing dental problems may experience a decline in morale and overall well-being, impacting their job satisfaction and performance.

Addressing dental care as an employee benefit demonstrates a commitment to the health and welfare of your team. By providing dental insurance, employers not only support their employees in maintaining good oral health but also reap numerous advantages for their organisation including reduced sick days, increased employee morale and financial security. Furthermore, it is a competitive talent market, offering dental insurance as an employee benefit can increase talent attraction and retention, especially if cover extends to the individual’s family. With the NHS dentist numbers in England at the lowest level in a decade, having dental insurance as an employee benefit couldn’t be more important.

Phil Denman, CEO of Capacity Insights states,

We strongly advise employers to recognise the importance of dental insurance as a vital component of their employee benefits package in 2024 and beyond. By doing so, employers can take a proactive step toward supporting the health, well-being, and job satisfaction of their teams, all while reaping the benefits of reduced sick days and enhanced talent attraction and retention.

Phil Denman, CEO of Capacity Insights

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