Well-being at Work Week shines a light on all facets of ensuring employees are comfortable, happy and content at their workplace. One of the small but effective ways employers can help aid employee well-being is by providing free office drinks that can help keep their team hydrated and refreshed.

Selecting the ideal drinks for your office isn’t just about quenching thirst, it’s also about creating a positive environment that fosters productivity and well-being.  Whether brainstorming big ideas, surviving marathon meetings, or just getting through the daily grind, a little pick-me-up can make all the difference like an office-provided beverage.

The Best Drinks for the Office

Experts at DASH Water advise the following drinks as the best drinks for the office.

High-Quality Coffee – Coffee is a must. And it should be great coffee! If you don’t already have one, consider a coffee machine (pods make it super easy and quick) and try to provide a range of milk and syrup options.

Fruit Infused Sparkling Water – Cans of flavoured sparkling water are a perfect office drink because they’re a satisfying treat, while still being super hydrating and free from sugar or sweetener. Plus cans are so easy to refrigerate and grab.

Coconut Water – Not only is coconut water a delicious thirst quencher, but it’s also brilliant brain fuel because it’s so hydrating and packed with electrolytes.

Matcha Lattes – Matcha lattes are all the rage right now, so your team are sure to appreciate having the hot new drink at their desk. All you need is matcha tea powder and frothy milk.

Herbal Teas – Create a calming atmosphere with a selection of herbal teas. From soothing chamomile to invigorating peppermint, there’s a flavour for every mood.

Fresh Fruit Water – If you have a water dispenser at work, why not provide additional dispensers that are garnished with fresh fruit like lemon, cucumber or apple?

Mocktail Mixer Bar – Turn your office into a trendy mocktail lounge with a selection of non-alcoholic mixers, fresh fruits, and garnishes. Perfect for celebrating achievements or entertaining clients.

Head of DASH Water’s E-commerce, Holly Crossley, advised the following for choosing drinks for workplace wellbeing,

First and foremost, consider the diversity of your team’s preferences. Whether it’s through a quick survey or informal chats, understanding their preferences ensures that your office drink selection is a hit. Remember, a well-chosen array of beverages isn’t just about hydration; it’s a recipe for a happier and more engaged team.

Holly Crossley, Head of DASH Water’s E-commerce

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